Sustainable Procurement Policy

Summary of the work: This proposal demonstrates how the consulting team will use communications and consistent stakeholder engagement through a Project Advisory Committee, a Project Management Team and carefully orchestrated working groups to develop and implement a sustainable procurement policy across all of Burger King France.   […]

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Integrating Sustainable Development Into Trade Policy

Summary of the work: Policy brief written for the French President with the goal of persuading him to push for European trade policies that advance sustainable development with sincere ambition. Reform ideas chosen based both on their feasibility in the European Union’s current political climate and on […]

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Protecting Human Rights and the Commons

Summary of the work: In the European Union, the priorities embedded in bilateral trade agreements and trade policy are primarily organized and conducted by technocrats and lawyers who, while experts in trade, often fail to prioritize human rights or environmental issues. The proposal aims to ensure that […]

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Mainstreaming Gender in Trade & Investment Agreements

Summary of the work: Exploration of the linkages between gender and international trade with special attention to international law. Detailed recommendations to mainstream gender in multilateral and bilateral trade and investment agreements. Context: Year written: 2019 University: Sciences Po (IEP)’s Paris School of International Affairs Location: Paris, France […]

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Investor-State Dispute Settlement Mechanisms: Challenges and Reforms

Summary of the work: The investor-state dispute settlement mechanisms (ISDS) that are included in international investment agreements come with many challenges, including threats to national sovereignty, the inconsistent nature of arbitration awards and interpretations, the chilling effect, the lack of transparency, and the lack of responsibility required […]

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Climate Change: Creating a Controversy

Summary of the work: Brief history of the science of global warming, an overview of what the skeptics have said, and a brief review of the production of ignorance in the United States.   Context: Year written: 2018 University: Sciences Po (IEP)’s Paris School of International Affairs […]

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Change Management Strategy for Organizational Success

Summary of the work: This change management strategy outlines three incongruences, previously identified in a separate organizational assessment, and outlines the action steps needed to achieve operational success and to ultimately scale up operations.   Context: Year written: 2019 University: Sciences Po (IEP)’s Paris School of International Affairs […]

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Achieving the SDGs: “The communications on this still needs work”

Summary of the work: While all United Nations member states have signed on to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), there exists massive policy incoherence with the Global Goals when evaluated at the local, regional and even national levels. Speakers at the OECD/AFD conference in October […]

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Engaging New Americans in the Local Community

Summary of the work: The proposal includes a gap analysis of the existing supports for integrating immigrants into the fabric of civic life in Baltimore City. Using best practices, the knowledge from local actors and the gap analysis, a program plan to establish welcoming programs and civic […]

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On the US/Mexico Border

Summary of the work: Photographs with accompanying written commentary explore a handful of the human rights concerns and legal issues faced by those living on the border, with particular attention given to immigrant families facing discrimination and abuse by authorities and citizens on both sides of the […]

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