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Summary of the work:

Policy brief written for the French President with the goal of persuading him to push for European trade policies that advance sustainable development with sincere ambition. Reform ideas chosen based both on their feasibility in the European Union’s current political climate and on their ability to promote environmental protection and human rights.



  • Year written: 2019
  • University: Sciences Po (IEP)’s Paris School of International Affairs
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Context: The intensive one-year Master in Advanced Global Studies program (M1 & M2 in 12 months) substitutes a masters thesis with a year-long team project to research an assigned policy topic under the guidance of a veteran Sciences Po Economics Professor (the former Head of Strategy for the OECD Development Center) and an active policy researcher.
  • Assignment: Research and write a 4-8 page persuasive policy brief, give a 15-minute public presentation and defended the brief’s recommendations in a 45-minute role-play with the professor, research supervisor, and general public.
  • Policy topic: How can the European Union can take a more ambitious approach to sustainable development in bilateral trade agreements?
  • Intended audience: French President Macron
  • Authors: Tammy Mayer, Caroline Avan & Antoine Laurent
  • Research Supervisor: Sébastien Treyer, Executive Director of IDDRI, a French think tank furthering research for policies to transition society to sustainable models of governance and economics


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