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Summary of the work:

Photographs with accompanying written commentary explore a handful of the human rights concerns and legal issues faced by those living on the border, with particular attention given to immigrant families facing discrimination and abuse by authorities and citizens on both sides of the border.



  • Year written: 2004
  • Publication: Goucher Quarterly: the alumni magazine for Goucher College
  • University: Goucher College
  • Location: Ciudad Juárez, Mexico & El Paso, Texas, USA
  • Context: 3-week intensive political science and photography course, living with Mexican families, learning from the promotoras working for the Colonias Program in Socorro, Texas, and taking photographs to document the human rights issues observed. Exploration of the political, economic and societal implications of international boundaries, with particular attention to violence against women and immigrants, the impact of NAFTA, and issues related to women’s rights, legal access to land, access to health care, clean water and decent work.
  • Professors: Robert Koulish, Professor of Government and Politics, & Laura Burns, Professor of Photography


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