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With enthusiasm and excellence, Tammy successfully managed several programs at Citizens Planning & Housing Association (CPHA). Her managerial skills and creativity were essential to our adult education program for civic engagement, and our fair housing advocacy work. While Tammy had a broad range of responsibilities, she demonstrated an ability to master each task and develop comprehensive answers to any problem the organization came across. I highly recommend her work.

– Mel Freeman
Former Executive Director
Citizens Planning & Housing Association (CPHA)

My experience working with Tammy during her tenure at the Citizens Planning and Housing Association was tremendous. I participated in the Baltimore Neighborhood Organizers Network (BNON) she established, taking advantage of a space where I could continue my professional development in the company of peers doing similar work. BNON provided an arena for growth, partnership and self-care.

At the time, I was doing community organizing work in East and Southeast Baltimore and the Activate Your Inner Citizen (AYIC) events coordinated by Tammy provided an opportunity for me to link newly engaged neighbors with leadership potential to network, learn and be inspired.

BNON and AYIC are just two of many rewarding professional collaborations with Tammy over the years. Without her vision, dedication and logistical expertise these two endeavors might not have come to fruition and certainly wouldn’t have been nearly as successful and influential.

– Beth Myers-Edwards, MSW
Banner Neighborhoods

Tammy’s inventive spirit and extraordinary organizational skills helped People’s Homesteading Group (PHG) to strengthen our accounting system and financial management. Her efforts allowed us to complete housing and community projects in the challenging period prior to the 2008-2010 recessionary period. Because of Tammy’s efforts People’s Homesteading was able to weather the hardships suffered during that time.

– Michael Mazepink
Executive Director
People’s Homesteading Group

As a co-worker, I have had the opportunity to attend several of the teacher-training programs led by Tammy. I find her presentation style to be inviting and energetic, providing practical exemplars of both novel and traditional strategies that she has pioneered with her own students. She is well-organized and thoughtful, and her infectious energy motivates everyone around her.

– Melissa Harris
English Language Teacher to International Students
Patterson High School