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Sustainable Development Communications & Engagement Consultant (Paris, France) 2019-present

  • Delivering stakeholder empowerment solutions: driving buy-in for corporate social responsibility projects and promoting engagement with sustainability programs.
  • SDG Chair and United Nations Rep for FAWCO (an international women’s organization supporting global initiatives for women, the environment and human rights) – Development and deployment of a Sustainable Development Goals public awareness campaign and toolkit across 60 clubs worldwide.

International Civic Engagement & Philanthropy Professor: Sciences Po (Paris, France) 2020-present

  • Teaching undergraduate and graduate students how to start and manage a nonprofit.

Strategic Communications Consultant for Clean Tech and Sustainable Development Organizations (Paris, France) 2015-present

  • Public speaking coaching and communications strategist. Clients include a director of sustainable development, the directors of an energy transition think tank, corporate social responsibility consultants and staff of multinational corporations.

Citizen Engagement for International Development: CCFD-Terre Solidaire (Paris, France) 2017-2018

  • Strategic planning, communications and meeting facilitation for 4 advocacy events.
  • Researched trends in promoting societal well-being within our economic system.
  • Facilitated a panel discussion at the International Forum for Well-Being in Grenoble.

Instructional Leadership Team & English Teacher: Patterson High School (Baltimore, Maryland, USA) 2013-2015

  • Strategic direction of the school’s pedagogical priorities within a 10-member team.
  • Tracked metrics to measure performance; reported on KPIs and progress.
  • Taught immigrants and refugees from Africa, Asia, and Central and South America.

Director of Public Policy & Civic Engagement Programs: Citizens Planning & Housing Association (CPHA) (Baltimore, Maryland, USA) 2010-2013

  • Lead and supported 12 interns in housing policy and civic engagement work.
  • Developed and implemented strategies for leadership development and capacity building for over 800 civil society organizations annually. Oversaw 10+ leadership training events per year (600+ participants). Created and implemented a CSO capacity assessment, using data analytics to guide program priorities and calculate
    programmatic impacts. Led the Community Engagement Steering Committee.
  • Strategic direction for housing policy advocacy. Led the Housing Steering Committee.
  • Researched and evaluated leading trends, concerns, changes and stakeholder interests related to inclusive housing policies and citizen engagement mechanisms.
  • Developed CPHA’s positions and statements to promote inclusive economic growth.
  • Initiated and supported the development of strategic alliances with stakeholders and funders. Developed dozens of long-term programmatic partnerships.
  • Wrote grant proposals and grant reports. Managed the donor and member database.
  • Represented CPHA publicly with elected officials, lawyers, funders and civil society.
  • Coordinated and oversaw communications for CPHA’s fundraising and programs: social media management, media relations, print and digital content, etc.
  • Tracked program budgets and impact metrics in order to measure performance. Reported on KPIs and progress with internal and external stakeholders and partners.

Finance Manager & Housing Resource Manager: People’s Homesteading Group (Baltimore, Maryland, USA) 2006-2008

  • Directed all financial activities: tracking, forecasting, analyzing and managing a $600,000 operations budget and $1.7 million in revolving loans. Supervised three external audits. Interfaced with subcontractors. Oversaw regulatory compliance.
  • Tracked and reported progress on budget and programmatic KPIs to funders.
  • Served on the Baltimore Leadership Committee of the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) Network of Maryland, a public policy advocacy group.

Program Coordinator for Outreach: Charles Village Community Benefits District (Baltimore, Maryland, USA) 2005-2006

Intern: Emergency Housing & Food Department: Department of Health and Social Services (DDASS de Paris) (Paris, France) 2003

  • “Human Rights insecurity: the poorest people lack access to their basic rights” – research and analysis written in French regarding housing insecurity in Paris. Policy analysis of the impact of public funding cuts on the private emergency housing system for homeless individuals and families in the city of Paris. Further analysis of the impact of a high influx of undocumented immigrants on the existing array of emergency housing services. Click here to view the research report.



Sustainable Development Goals & Advocacy at the United Nations: FAWCO Region 1 Conference (London, U.K.) 2019

  • Invited conference speaker to discuss FAWCO’s advocacy at the United Nations and local actions to operationalize the Sustainable Development Goals.

Issues Facing Immigrants in the US School System: Education Department, Towson University (Baltimore, Maryland, USA) 2014

  • Presented the leading trends related to academic challenges faced by immigrant students living in underserved and financially vulnerable communities.

Organizational Capacity in Civic Associations: Political Science Department, Goucher College (Baltimore, Maryland, USA) 2012

  • Led discussions and supported student projects related to current trends and challenges in civic engagement in disadvantaged poor urban neighborhoods. Special focus on the organizational capacity of civic associations and their leaders.



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